American Airlines (AA) Hangar 2 is almost complete! Last week, R.M. Chin’s Tom Coyne and Winnie Moy were responsible for arranging the fire protection foam test along with contractor W.E. O’Neil Construction, architect/engineer Ghafari and Associates, and the Chicago Fire Department.

The new AA Hangar includes a state-of-the-art fire suppression system which consists of high expansion foam generators that disperse a mixture of foam and water at an enormous rate to completely fill a volume of space. Foam bubbles transport the water to the fire, which suffocate and cool the fire and can encapsulate toxic vapors. The foam generators deliver massive quantities of foam in a short period of time by blowing air through a screen of a foam/water solution.

On Friday, November 9th, the test filled up five feet of foam throughout the entire 480-foot-long – 300-feet-wide Hangar within two minutes!

The day prior to the foam test, a deluge tested was scheduled where the whole sprinkler system dumped water over the entire Hangar. Both tests are an essential element of gaining occupancy for the Hangar.

Hangar 2 will be completed in December. R.M. Chin is providing program management for American Airlines.