R.M. Chin & Associates, Inc. (R.M. Chin) is pleased to announce the completion of the $32 million Chicago Shoreline Protection Project – Fullerton Parkway/Theater on the Lake. As the first new parkland on Chicago’s lakefront in nearly 100 years, the site construction involved the replacement of the existing deteriorated revetment structure and failed beach cell along 1,700 feet of Lake Michigan shoreline at Fullerton Parkway. R.M. Chin expertly managed the extensive existing site repairs as well as the build-out of the brand new park.

12 11 2015 2401 Lake Shore Drive Brian Fr...Prior to construction, the site was subject to flooding and extensive erosion, increasing the risk of pedestrian safety. The R.M. Chin team consisted of INTERRA, Site Design Group, and Alfred Benesch to administer all construction engineering services for the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT). The scope of work involved the new construction of 1,700 linear feet of reinforced concrete revetment, which was supported by steel sheet piling, approximately 500 steel h-piles, and nearly 50,000 cubic yards of structural aggregate fill. The encompassed area was then filled with nearly 200,000 cubic yards of structural and earthen fill materials, and then topped with top soil, sod, tree groves, and pedestrian trails.

“As a Civil Engineer, this was one of the most fascinating projects that I have had the opportunity to administer. Any time you combine a focal land element with a dynamic body of water, you can expect to face a number of unique challenges. I am proud to have participated on a project team that worked together to address these challenges without compromising safety, quality, schedule, or budget,” said Steven Miskowicz, Senior Project Manager at R.M. Chin and the project’s Resident Engineer.

The project maintained an extremely tight schedule – one year to complete site construction. R.M. Chin completed the project on schedule and within project budget – without time extensions or budget reallocations. In addition to providing field inspection up to 12 hours per day, 7 days a week and reviewing more than 200 submittals; R.M. Chin presented options to CDOT to recover more than two weeks in lost working days. As a result of R.M. Chin’s proactive cost management, CDOT and the Chicago Park District were able to implement nearly $300,000 in additional site improvements that were not in the original contract, including $150,000 of new site lighting and $150,000 in additional paths, trails, and landscape elements.

“This project embodied the ‘can do’ philosophy we bring to each of the projects we managed,” said Eileen Chin, R.M. Chin President. “No project is without challenges; our job is to ensure we overcome them. Congratulations to the entire project team and to the City of Chicago on a magnificent project that enables Chicagoans and visitors alike to continue enjoying our beautiful shoreline.”