IOC Griesbach-067R.M. Chin & Associates, Inc. (R.M. Chin) celebrates the grand opening of the new $100 million American Airlines Integrated Operation Center (IOC) in Dallas, Texas. R.M. Chin provided Owner’s Representation services during the construction of the 150,000 SF facility.

R.M. Chin led the interface between the design team, contractor, vendors, and other stakeholder groups. The IOC allows for the integration of personnel from both American Airlines and U.S. Airways. R.M. Chin oversaw the phasing of the integration of approximately 800 employees who plan, oversee, and dispatch the airlines’ daily schedule of mainline operations worldwide. Emergency procedures, response, and security are also managed around the clock from the IOC.

The IOC houses multiple departments, acting as the nerve center to ensure the highest level of safety, customer service, communications, and operational efficiency worldwide. It is built to withstand an F3 tornado. Some of the state-of-the art features include:

  • 475 variable height work stations
  • Forty 80” monitors
  • Support spaces, including situation rooms, executive suite, and data halls

“It’s an honor to be part of this mission critical project,” said Eileen Chin, R.M. Chin President. “It gives us all greater respect to understand the individuals and expertise needed in airline operations.”