Project Description

I-55 Resurfacing: South of I-80 to South of Weber Road

Illinois Department of Transportation

R.M. Chin & Associates, Inc. (CHIN) provided Phase III construction management consulting services for the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) I-55 Resurfacing project between I-80 and Weber Road in both directions. For this 13.6-mile stretch of highway, CHIN’s expertise in bridge replacement, utility services, materials, and construction sequencing will be instrumental in project delivery. CHIN personnel on this project included two Resident Engineers and an Office Engineer.

Project Description

This resurfacing project involved improvements to drainage and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Scope of work included:

» Milling of existing HMA surface

» Placing polymerized hot-mix
asphalt binder course SMA and
surface course SMA

» HMA surface course (Mixture D)

and HMA binder course

» HMA patching

» HMA shoulder patching and

» Longitudinal partial depth

» Aggregate shoulder placement

» Installation of sewers, culverts, and end sections
» Drainage structure and pipe cleaning

» Ditch grading

» Installation of wireless detector sensors, conduit and cable, light poles and foundations

» ATMS system integration

» Traffic control, landscaping, pavement marking, erosion and sediment control

Quality Assurance and Control

CHIN furnished a Liaison Engineer and adequate staff to perform the duties required to fulfill the engineering requirements in accordance with the departmental

policies while providing tools of the trade, including an office computer system capable of running Construction and Materials Management System (CMMS) software. CMMS allows on-site inspection as well as implementation of layout and design changes not provided for in the contract plans. The CMMS also enables geotechnical inspection and testing, prepares records, maintains documentation, submits pay estimates, change orders, and any other duties that would require the services of an engineer to complete this project.