Project Description

Illinois State Freight Plan

Illinois Department of Transportation

R.M. Chin & Associates, Inc. (CHIN) provided Phase III construction management consulting services for the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) I-55 Resurfacing project between I-80 and Weber Road in both directions. For this 13.6-mile stretch of highway, CHIN’s expertise in bridge replacement, utility services, materials, and construction sequencing will be instrumental in project delivery. CHIN personnel on this project included two Resident Engineers and an Office Engineer.

Outreach Management

As manager of stakeholder outreach, CHIN is responsible for conducting all outreach and developing communication materials for the Illinois State Freight Plan. Stakeholder engagement is a multifaced and cross-cutting task across the plan, enabling stakeholders and the public to provide input, validate findings, and build partnerships critical to the plan’s implementation. A stakeholder engagement plan was developed to detail the engagement strategy for the freight plan, including a high-level outline of the different types of stakeholders.

Stakeholder List

A stakeholder list was created to identify further the objectives and stakeholders needed. The stakeholder list outlined the phases of the project, the purposes for each stakeholder group, when they would be engaged, and which internal IDOT, Illinois State Freight Advisory Council, and public and private sector stakeholders are needed for the project

Engagement Activities

Activities within this task include surveys, interviews, communication tools such as website creation, social media and media plans, fact sheets, presentations, talking points, project brochures, and meeting materials. The stakeholder engagement plan focuses on equitable stakeholder and community engagement and building opportunities for collaboration between state agencies, counties, municipalities, and other public- and private-sector freight stakeholders.