Project Description

R.M. Chin is working on the following projects under the $323 million Midway Modernization Program:

Security Checkpoint Project

R.M. Chin is providing resident engineering services on the new $104 million security checkpoint project at Midway. The new security structure and expansion of the pedestrian bridge will provide for a streamlined, single checkpoint area (seven times wider than the current security hall) and will feature new technology for Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening capacity to increase efficiency for passengers.

This development, combined with new TSA automated lanes, is expected to increase the hourly throughput from 2,500 to 5,000 passengers per hour—double the existing capacity. The security checkpoint project marks the beginning of construction on the $323 million Midway Modernization Program.

Midway Concessions Program

R.M. Chin is providing Project Management, Construction Management, and Resident Engineering services for the Midway Concessions project, a 3-year multi-phased $80 million program to renovate the interior retail and restaurant services located inside the terminals. The concessions multi-phase makeover will cover more than 70 newly-built food and shopping locations and will be completed by summer 2020.