Project Description

Red Line Extension Project

Chicago Transit Authority

R.M. Chin & Associates, Inc. (CHIN) serves as a subconsultant to the project manager to lead engagement with stakeholders and residents for the Chicago Transit Authority’s Red Line Extension Project (RLE). This project proposes to extend the Red Line from the existing terminal at 95th/Dan Ryan to 130th Street, adding 5.6 miles and four new stations with bus and parking facilities. The four proposed stops near 103rd Street, 111th Street, Michigan Avenue, and 130th Street would provide access to Chicago’s Roseland, Washington Heights, West Pullman, and Riverdale communities, creating increased occupational and educational opportunities for residents on the Far South Side.

Outreach and Public Involvement

Outreach and public involvement for the RLE Project is happening through various forms of community-based meetings, events, and open houses. The public has been engaged through different virtual platforms with a call-in option available, ensuring residents are informed on project updates and provided opportunities to provide feedback to the project team. Based on the LEP analysis, CHIN has facilitated Spanish language translators for all meetings and ensured American Sign Language interpreters had been made available.

Property Acquisition Assistance

Through extensive planning for the RLE Project, the client has determined it will be necessary to acquire properties to implement the project. CHIN has assisted in providing notification and organizing communication with relocation services for property owners and commercial and residential occupants relocated because of the RLE Project. In addition, CHIN has managed several community meetings and a public hearing to engage and inform project stakeholders and the more general public of updates on the project. Community meetings have been executed in person and virtually to reflect equitable

geographic coverage, proximity to public transportation, and to minimize overlap with other meetings scheduled in the project area.

Stakeholder Process

The stakeholder process for this project is to develop a stakeholder engagement plan, identify stakeholders, develop a media/social media plan, create a project website, conduct surveys, facilitate public meetings and hearings, conduct interest group meetings and communicate the project to the community, including developing communications and presentation materials.