Project Description

Revenue Options Study

Illinois Department of Transportation

R.M. Chin & Associates, Inc. (CHIN) serves as the subconsultant managing stakeholder outreach for the Illinois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT) Revenue Options Study. This state-wide study will estimate the revenue impact analyses of the increasing adoption of Electric Vehicles (EV) and more fuel-efficient vehicles, conduct a planning-level quantitative and qualitative analysis of alternatives to motor fuel taxes, and assess stakeholder sentiments. After screening a comprehensive list of possibilities, a financial analysis tool will be developed to assess the revenue implications of a narrower list of promising revenue alternatives. The assessment of alternatives will also consider factors such as administrative feasibility, cost of collection, equity along several dimensions, and long-term sustainability.

Outreach Management

As manager of stakeholder outreach, CHIN is responsible for conducting all outreach and developing communication materials for the Revenue Options Study. Stakeholder engagement is a multifaceted task across the plan, enabling stakeholders to provide input, make recommendations, and validate findings critical to the study. A stakeholder engagement plan was developed to detail the engagement strategy for the study.

Stakeholder List

A stakeholder list was created to identify further the objectives and stakeholders needed. The stakeholder list exceeded the requirements outlined in the Illinois Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) to include as many impacted stakeholders and associated organizations as feasible within the study timeframe.

Engagement Activities

Activities within this task include a series of in person and virtual meetings which incorporated survey tools as part of the presentations. The stakeholder engagement plan focuses on equitable stakeholder engagement and building opportunities for collaboration between state agencies, counties, municipalities, and other public and private sector stakeholders.