R.M. Chin & Associates, Inc. (R.M. Chin) provides comprehensive Owner’s Representative services to the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) for capital improvement projects at the Chicago O’Hare and Midway International Airports. The R.M. Chin personnel are senior subject matter experts with expertise in a wide-range of engineering disciplines. This month, we recognize John Nino for his outstanding service to the CDA’s Capital Improvement Program.

A Senior Resident Engineer and Field Inspector, John Nino provides materials inspection and oversees and documents construction activities. John recently completed the Air Handling Unit Replacement Project at the O’Hare Heating and Refrigeration (H&R) Plant, which involved the removal and replacement of four air handling unit systems, along with adjacent pumps, chilled, low, and high temperature water piping, controllers tied into the building automation and fire alarm system, ductwork, valves, pumps, heat exchangers, and replacement of cooling coils in other units.

John also served on the $11 million Easting Cooling Tower Project, as well as the H&R Roof Replacement, Terminal 5 (T5) Roof Replacement, and Chiller project – all at O’Hare.

“The most memorable and challenging project I’ve completed so far has been the T5 Roof Replacement at O’Hare. It was a challenge because of T5 being a multi-level building. Add to that being sandwiched between Airside gates and the ATS People Mover. The arch and all of the recesses made moving material on the roof, and the debris off the roof, very difficult. The O’Hare Chiller project was also an amazing career opportunity for me. It was the first time I worked with air skates. That project also involved moving an 80,000-pound vessel using 6 air skates at 100 PSI. It’s something you had to have witnessed to believe,” stated John.

R.M. Chin is proud to provide unique project opportunities to our staff. Keep up the great work, John!


About R.M. Chin:

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